Tying It All Together

This is my first semi-automatic cross posting from my blog  to social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. However, I have been blogging for many years. Long term readers know that while I started blogging mostly about economics, I wandered into political science. That’s easy to understand, since politics has a lot of influence on economic reality and economics, in the form of public choice theory, has a lot to teach about politics. But lately I’ve been nibbling around the edges of virtue ethics, which readers may have found puzzling. Frankly, I found it puzzling too, although I knew there was some kind of intellectual connection.

I am not the first person to follow this path. Economist Kenneth Boulding was here long before me. The awesome economist Robert Higgs does a great job of explaining the connections in Social Science 101: Three Ways to Relate to Others. It’s well worth the read.


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