Disruptive Technology

Usually, when the term disruptive technology is used, the disruption applies to commerce. But sometimes the disruption is very far reaching, changing the way people live their everyday lives. These super disruptive technologies include the automobile, the telephone, the computer, birth control pills, cell phones, and the Internet. Hardly anyone’s life was not changed by these technologies.

So now I’m looking at Google+ technology, trying to decide if it is disruptive or super disruptive. My first reaction was negative: the world hardly needs one Facebook, much less two. I’m glad I looked deeper. Google+ can be like Facebook or Twitter, but it can also be lots of other things. It can be a blogging platform or a messaging system or a bulletin board. It may or may not do all those things as well as the dedicated technologies, but the ability to  do so many different things through a common interface is very powerful. The thing is,  Google’s not done putting flesh on these bone. This really couldbecome “the 2nd Web”. It’s too soon to say, but definitely worth a look.

Meanwhile, I plan on trying some experiments hooking this Web site into the Google+ world and vice versa. Bear with me if things get messy for a while.


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