TSA Adventures

Enduring the long slow slog through San Francisco airport security, I developed a good deal of sympathy for the TSA officers. What must they think of the traveling public, repeatedly ignoring the instructions and acting bewildered? All that was missing was soft mooing and cattle prods. I bet they’d like cattle prods. By the time I watched the tenth person forget to remove their jewelry, I wanted a cattle prod.

My excursion through security was enhanced by a hostile young passenger arriving at the checkpoint dressed only in underwear and cutting in line. I’m not sure which upset the TSA folks more. And the kid was hostile, almost daring the agents to detain him. The agents dealt with the situation with surprising grace – all the more surprising for the lack of cattle prods.

No one likes airport security and I imagine the TSA agents don’t go home at night with a warm fuzzy feeling. But it’s a job, and I respect anyone who works at a job. Some of the TSA agents are quite friendly and nice. They didn’t make the rules – we should cut them a little slack.

English: TSA insignia

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