A Blogging Ecosystem with One Stop Shopping

Blogging has changed over the years – WordPress has grown ever more powerful. Yet still, for some purposes, it’s overkill. If I just want to highlight a post from someone else, while saying little or nothing about it, WordPress is more effort than I want to spend. Twitter is an obvious answer, but now I’m faced with forcing my readers to look in two places. I have a tough enough time attracting readers as it is, so that’s asking too much.

So, imagine my delight upon learning that I can automagically have my WordPress posts show up on Twitter and vice versa (see the sidebar to the right). What a nice little ecosystem. Whether you read this blog or follow me on Twitter, the content will be the same. So, this still leaves me wondering whether it makes sense to keep my tumblr blog in the mix – I suspect it doesn’t. I’ll sort it out, eventually. But for now, I’ve got one stop shopping for my readers!


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