Military Might

I don’t know Nico Perrino but he has written a excellent article detailing the dilemma we face regarding the military and our foreign policy. I’ve extracted some bits below:

NATO was the ultimate entangling alliance

[We have]…over 600 military bases in 40 countries across the world.

Without China lending us money, our current foreign policy could not exist.

the United States is currently $15.2 billion in debt. That is about $48,000 of debt for every man, woman, and child living with United States citizenship regardless of age.

All great empires end for two reasons, overexpansion and economic collapse (usually intertwined). Very rarely does an empire end for external reasons, and why should we judge America to be an exception?

All food for thought.

Luxembourgian-registered NATO E-3 AWACS flying...

Image via Wikipedia


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