Reading, Writing, Weeping on the Web

There is no avoiding the rapid evolution of the Web – creative destruction written in bits. The Web is great for reading and writing, but some weeping is involved too because just when you think you’ve got things adjusted to your liking, one of the Web’s Big Boys decides to delete something you depend upon. The first time it happened to me, it was Yahoo. Yahoo had the best picture storage service on the Web – so they shut it down. That explains a lot about Yahoo’s fate. But Yahoo’s sins were small spuds compared with Google. Google has killed more services than I can remember. Google shoots it’s wounded. I can’t complain too much, since it’s all free, but I’ve spent far too many hours figuring ways to get around Google’s fickle treatment of customers.

Which brings me to this blog. This bog and it’s ancestors have wandered around the Web, looking for a home as the Web changed.  Now, I’m a big fan of WordPress, but it’s not really the best choice for everything. For a lot of quick stuff, I think is really nifty. But should I ask my readers to go to two places? Of course not! So I have alternated between here and my tumblr home for some time, never quite finding an approach that was best for me or my readers.

I think I now have an answer – imperfect, but better. The answer is Twitter. All my tumblr stuff now feeds into Twitter, as does my WordPress stuff. But you don’t have to buy into Twitter to read it. Twitter feeds back here, in the sidebar to the right. So, from here, you can read everything I write or quote from. Plus, if I ever write something smart and pithy in Twitter itself, you’ll see that too!

OK, it’s not perfect. But remember, I’m trying to build things up faster than Yahoo and Google and all their friends can tear them down – so it will have to do.

World Wide Web


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