The New Year

By now, many New Year’s resolutions have been broken. That’s one reason I wait, the other being that I’m getting more relaxed slowing down as I get older. Beside that, most resolutions are aimed at the same goal – having a better life. I might want to get this right.

This raises a key question – what changes would make for a better life?

This isn’t a new question. People have been wrestling with this for over a hundred generations. The conclusions drawn from millions of observations are available to us. Yet we are reluctant to tap into this resource – after all, our ancestors didn’t have cell phones or iPads – what relevance could they possibly have?

One of my new year goals is to explore more of the wisdom of the past. Best I can tell, human nature hasn’t changed much. Perhaps we are so busy keeping track of what’s new that we neglect learning what’s important.

We’ll see whether I can really focus more on what’s important (rather than current). As part of that effort, I’m suspending my tumblr activity. Don’t expect this to go fast – my posts may come slower – but hopefully they will also be better!


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