Theories of History

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You don’t have to be a right wing zealot to believe that Communism was pretty much a calamity for everyone involved. The facts pretty much speak for themselves. But I like to understand the “why” of things. Apologists have said that the problems of the USSR were simply bad implementation of a good idea, but it doesn’t take a lot of study to understand that Marx’s ideas were fatally flawed. I was satisfied with the explanation that Marx’s thinking, while logical, relied on the mistaken premise of the “labor theory of value“. Of course, everyone labored under that misimpression – Marx just took it to it’s logical conclusion. Poor Adam Smith – after contributing so much profound insight, one erroneous thought resulted in untold misery.

I was content with that explanation until I was exposed to the Whig Theory of History. Google it. This was the other great flaw that corrupted Marx’s thinking. But unlike the labor theory of value, the Whig Theory of History is still alive and well, permeating much modern thinking with it’s false beliefs. I hope to delve into this more in the future, but for now I’m thinking about one key question: are all ideologies ultimately grounded in a theory of history?


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