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Some of my readers have noticed – and a few ingrates complained – that I have not been posting here very much. Oddly enough, there’s a reason for that, the reason being that I’ve been considering different options for taking this blog forward. Blogging has come a long way since I started and, contrary to our dominant cultural trend, I think it’s a good idea to occasionally stop and review and perhaps make some course corrections. That’s what I’ve been doing.

In my previous blogging mode, I would have, at this point, described in boring detail my new thoughts about blogging. Not now. If, after a while,  it’s not evident to the reader, then I have wasted your time, and more importantly, my time. Now it’s time for a reset.

I must note in passing that many of my fellow bloggers have been congregating here in Minneapolis. These are the so-called progressive bloggers. They have gathered together (or so I gather) to share their huge disappointment in President Obama. As you know, our President, since winning the office on a platform of progressive moral superiority, has been confronted with many ugly realities which have caused him to change, and even reverse, his stated views on numerous issues. When confronted with new information, some people (thankfully) change their minds, but this has greatly displeased the progressive bloggers. Perhaps they should work to ensure that future Presidents are quarantined from actual facts. But for now, they are not happy campers. After replacing the venal Bush, Obama has become very Bush like.

President Obama hasn’t done a complete reset: he still believes in high speed rail, the benefits of unions, the evils of carbon energy, social justice, and, for all I know, the tooth fairy. But the progressives aren’t happy with half a loaf – they want it all: free health care for everyone, government support for all life style choices, no mo’ war – Nirvana now! It also helps if someone else buys lunch.

I bear the progressive bloggers no ill will. Some of them write well and many of them provide constant examples of how not to think things through. Even a bad example can serve a good purpose.

But I must point out the value of resetting. I’ve reset, and it feels good. President Obama has done a lot of resetting, although it may not feel quite so good. Maybe my progressive associates should take a deep breath and perform at least a partial reset – after thinking things through!


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