Budget Problems

In Washington, they’re getting lined up for a battle royal on the budget. President Obama’s budget proposal is basically to drive the government deeper and deeper into hock. The Ryan (Republican) proposal calls for major cutbacks. Both rely on long range forecasts that are unrealistic, but for different reasons. A battle is coming. The Democrats are aghast that we would cut spending on such vital national interests as the Cowboy Poetry Festival (I’m not making this up). Republicans want to gently slash everything except our massive military outlays. If nothing else, this will be fun to watch.

I am not convinced that the Ryan (Republican) proposal cuts enough, but it would at least buy some time. The Democrats simply seem to want to throw future generations under the bus. I could be wrong, but that’s how it looks to me.

Whatever happens, it won’t be more severe than the Ryan (Republican) proposal. That’s the upper bound of fiscal rectitude, which means we’ll be in big trouble again – but not as bad as if the Obama budget were adopted.

There’s little you or I can do about this. Angry calls to Congress or letters to the editor are of hardly any value. All you can do is plan your affairs accordingly.


One response to this post.

  1. Bamm-Bamm’s Budget Plan

    What leadership! Obama-style:
    To hide away the longest while,
    And dither ’til the very last
    Until the time is almost past.

    Then ride in at the end of day,
    Adopt whatever plan’s in play,
    Proclaim its merits as your own
    And say debate is overblown.

    As evidence I would submit
    The budget, dragging bit by bit,
    O’er months of fruitless talks, and yet
    The President played hard to get.

    He named Joe Biden as his man:
    Joe had a meeting, then he ran,
    To meet the Russians overseas
    And charm them with his expertise.

    The President then saw the need
    To hand the reins to Harry Reid,
    Who could not of his own accord
    Get Boehner and his team on board.

    And now the President is mad.
    He wants a deal and wants it bad.
    So in a fit of hope and change
    He takes off for the golfing range.

    But on his way he first insults,
    By saying they should be adults,
    The very men who have displayed
    The will to work, while he has played.



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