Logo of NPR News.

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It’s amusing to hear National Public Radio fall all over themselves to report on the goings on concerning National Public Radio. They seem very intent on convincing us that they are really and truly unbiased and impartial. They probably believe it. But, really, how can any news organization be unbiased and impartial? Stories must be selected or not selected; stories must be long or short; stories must be emphasized or downplayed. It all comes down to judgment and judgment must always reflect your worldview. How could it not?

On the other hand, I get tired of hearing conservatives complain about NPR, just as I tire of hearing liberals complaining about Fox News. Everyone wants fair and impartial, and everyone wants to define what that means.

I wish everyone would just put on their big boy britches and man up. Yes, news reporting is biased – always has been, always will be. Some analysis is required on the part of the reader or listener or viewer.  If you can’t deal with it, then don’t partake.


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