Unions vs the Internet

Strike leader (man on balcony) at Gary, Ind., ...

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The excitement in Wisconsin just won’t end. You might think a compromise will happen, but I very much doubt it. The Internet has changed everything. The longer the protests last, the more people learn about the issues involved. Bloggers analyze and write about it. Some dig up new facts. False claims are exposed. Silly arguments are ripped apart. Understanding emerges. Opinions change. Our learning curve is getting shorter and that, I think, bodes ill for the unions. There’s a reason that unions have all but disappeared from the private sector. Collective bargaining agreements and work rules are static in a dynamic world. The companies saddled with unions can only lumber along while their competitors become increasingly agile. Competition is won by the adaptive, and unions are slow to change, stuck in a 1930’s mindset (as we see in Wisconsin). My guess? People living today will see the last union disappear. The unions will be honored for a job well done in a bygone age, but like the last vet of some long ago war, their relevance will evaporate long before their substance.


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