My Web Properties

Publishing on the Web certainly poses some challenges. It's easy for it to become an incoherent and chaotic mess. I've attempted to rationalize things before, but it's never quite worked out. My last idea wasn't so hot! So, here I am, trying again.

Part of the problem is that I want to publish different kinds of things. Some things are easy: my photos go to my Picasaweb site. Other photos and video clips fit nicely in my Tumblr site. It's text that's the problem. There are a lot of different kinds of text that I publish. Sometimes it's only quick comments on current events, sometimes it's more in-depth analysis, sometimes it's simply quotes from something I found interesting, and sometimes it's just a pointer to something I found interesting. The in-depth stuff is easy – it goes to Thinking Things Through, my oldest blog. It's the quotes, pointers, and quick comments that pose the problem. What I'm going to try is this: quotes and pointers go to my Tumblr site, while everything else goes to my Posterous site. I may sometimes post to multiple sites.

But what if you want to read all of my amazing output? For that, I will keep a Shared Google Reader page which will have a copy of everything!


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