Personal Responsibility, Happy Meals Edition

McDonalds Happy Meal

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Some social issues regarding parenting and childhood are complicated and difficult. This one isn’t. If the incidence of childhood obesity is on the rise, and if children are having health or other problems as a result, is the responsibility of their parents and their caregivers—whoever the adults are who are in charge of them—to take appropriate action.  Perhaps some concerted effort is required to remind parents of their responsibilities, but probably the least effective and therefore most inappropriate way to address the problem is by asking the government to do something. All they’ll come up with is something as dunderheaded as banning toys from Happy Meals.

So, save the children—but from parents looking to relieve themselves of their responsibilities, and from government do-gooders all too happy to assist. No parent is perfect, but the more we believe and communicate publicly that parenthood requires being an adult, exercising judgment, and accepting responsibilities, the better off we all, parents and children alike, will be.

Personal responsibility has never been popular, has it?



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