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The political noise keeps getting louder. Tax cuts for the rich? Has Obama sold out? Finally on the path to economic growth? Or headed towards being a society of serfs and elites? Too much social engineering? Or not enough compassion?

It constantly amazes me that seemingly intelligent people can have such divergent views of the same situations.

If you’ve followed my writing, you know I’ve long struggled with the issue of differences between “the right” and “the left”. I’m not talking about superficial issues like tax policy or gay marriage. Surely everyone on the right isn’t a troglodyte, nor is everyone on the left a dreamy slacker. I want to know what’s going on at a deeper level – and maybe I have a clue.

Consider this question: what’s fair? I think there are two answers which may be at the root of left vs right thinking. From the right, fair is when everyone is rewarded proportionally to their contribution. Do more, get more. Those that work, eat. From the left, fair is when everyone is rewarded according to their need. We are all brothers and sisters and the strong shall help the weak. There are unmet needs.

Think about it.


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