Morality = Efficiency ?

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… morality and efficiency are interchangeable synonyms. Force is less efficient than trade, force is less moral than trade. There should be no fear of another system being either more moral or more efficient, because the two words mean the same thing.

Any time immoral behavior occurs, efficiency is lost in the form of dead weight loss and negative sum games. Whenever an individual or organization behaves inefficiently, they are destroying wealth by mis-allocating resources, which actively causes suffering, and is thus immoral. There is no definitional space between the two words.

via Unpopular Ideas Club: Morality = Efficiency.

Here’s something different to wrap your head around!

This argument would seem to have holes in it, but after reading the comments (where many objections are raised and refuted), and thinking about it some, I am closer to being convinced. I particularly like the argument that inefficiency mis-allocates resources, thus causing suffering.

It helps to think about this in the context of Austrian Values. Here are some thoughts to play with:

Everyone has unmet needs. Asking “what percentage of your needs are unmet?” is a nonsensical question. We all have infinite needs which we try to fulfill in priority order, allowing for circumstances. What would make one persons unmet needs more important than another’s? Is there a non-subjective ranking of needs? Who decides?

Until you can answer these questions, you do not have a fully developed view of morality.


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