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Eggs! Eggs! Run for your life!

It seems that everything is political these days. I was amused by Patrick McIlheran’s view of the subject.

Sometimes I fear that we have become a nation of wimps, deathly afraid of everything and yearning for The Great Regulator in the Sky to escort us through the Valley of Death. There are those who are all too willing to reassure us and lead us onward – but only at a price.

Meanwhile, pass the eggs.


One response to this post.

  1. Yes. Sadly only too true. We’ve been sold this, that and every other product to “protect our kids” from the deadly dangers of that arch-devil DIRT! Ugh! Goddamn him!

    Err… except it’s now beginning to look like many children are suffering from a huge increase in allergies that some doctors claim is due to the fact that our houses and lifestyles are too clean and kids immune systems don’t kick in properly, so their bodies attack themselves.

    I’m so glad I almost invariably ignore government guidlines on virtually everything…

    It’s a funny old world these days, isn’t it?


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