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This little review intrigued me: Where to Get the Best Free Education Online.

With the price of a college education ever climbing, people are starting to get more cost conscious. But what’s cheaper than free?

The problem is, unless you subscribe to the quaint idea that education is its own reward, a free online education, no matter how good, is worthless in the market. Colleges and universities perform a credentialing function: providing certification that you actually did the work and demonstrated some level of understanding. This is more valuable than it was in bygone years because employment aptitude tests now invite discrimination lawsuits.

Government spends a lot on higher education, but I wonder if we wouldn’t get a lot more bang for the buck if more emphasis was placed on leveraging the free online world.


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  1. free education is what everyone gets attracted to but generally what we get for free is of no value to us.
    And When we pay we get serious. Rightly said by you certification is the final evidence of your learning.


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