Back-to-School Blues

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Nothing like adding a few hundred unnecessary bucks to American families’ back-to-school budgets to really start the 2010 school year off right, huh?  Although I’m sure that these working moms and dads will, like, totally be comforted knowing that their hard-earned dollars are going to line the pockets of America’s well-connected shoe/t-shirt/lunchbox/etc. producers and their unions.

via Scott Lincicome: Back-to-School Blues.

Scott is complaining about tariffs. He’s correct in noting that tariffs on imports simply take money out of your pocket and gives it to the well-connected. Some of that money is hived off and given to politicians who, out of gratitude,  actually cause these tariffs to be implemented.

Of course, there are other shady ways of taking your money for services not rendered. Consider companies that pollute: sooner or later the impacts of the pollution must be addressed and you, the taxpayer, will get to pay for it. The polluting companies can offer what looks like a good deal today because the actual costs don’t appear until later.

There are lots of way to take your money by dubious means and most of them need the active support of politicians. President Obama didn’t invent the notion of re-arranging the nation’s wealth: it’s been going on for a long long time.

You can ponder this as you get the kiddies ready for another year of school.


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