News From the Front

I’ve neglected my poor blog since I started using Tumblr for my microblog. It’s addictive and I can deal quickly with a lot of ideas in very short bursts. Of course, any analysis I do must be pithy and is often shallow, but making trade-offs is what life is all about. Nevertheless, I intend to keep going here in some form. Today I thought I’d simply note some observations from my recent microblog experiences:

  • There are many different narratives explaining what’s happening with the economy and what governments should do. Each narrative seems grounded in the thoughts of some dead economist. The champions of the narratives don’t listen to each other.
  • The Great Oil Spill has been an informative experience. Once you get past the emotion, there’s not much to say. I’ve yet to see a single suggestion about what should be done for the future that isn’t hopelessly vague.
  • I believe we are at great risk of ceasing to produce wealth and, instead, squabble about how to distribute the spoils. I hope I’m wrong.
  • As an operating philosophy, “shoot the messenger” is alive and well and living in Washington D.C.
  • Faith in regulation as salvation is also alive and well. More realistic beliefs, such as belief in the Tooth Fairy, are on the wane.
  • Human nature apparently hasn’t changed in recent years, including our strange belief that human nature is better than it actually is.

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