Political Theory

I have some catching up to do. Long time readers know that I periodically examine the difference in left wing and right wing thinking. My last attempt was here, but it seemed incomplete. Now I find that a better way of thinking about it was proposed 40 years ago. I guess I’m a little behind! I find the two-dimensional analysis very compelling. But time doesn’t stand still and there is now a three dimensional model which embraces not only political philosophy but political organization as well.

One reason this impresses me is that it convincingly explains an anomaly that has had me stumped for years. A friend of mine is a great believer in economic liberty. If you had a discussion with her, you’d be convinced that she’s a died in the wool Republican. But she consistently votes for Democrats. Now I can see why. She also believes in personal liberty, which favors the Democrats. It is now obvious that she places greater value on personal liberty than on economic liberty.

I wonder how many people are in a similar situation?


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