Tea Party Paranoia

The underlying hypothesis of the pundits is that The Elite Know What they Are Doing. Ergo, when the voters support the elite, the voters are being rational. When the voters oppose the elite, they are suffering from some emotional disorder, such as unfocused anger or paranoia.

via Paranoia About Paranoia, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty.

This touches on the underlying theme in some of Thomas Sowell’s latest works, including Vision of the Anointed and Intellectuals and Society. It all ties to Hayek’s notion of distributed knowledge and the fatal conceit of central planners and government “problem solving”.

I agree with Kling to this extent: while some of the Tea Party folks have some bizarre notions, they are no more bizarre than stuff you can hear from the “progressive wing” of the Democratic Party. There are more than enough wing nuts to go around.


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