Media & Health-Care

We’re not Marxists who think everyone’s opinion depends entirely on financial circumstances. But if Mr. Gruber qualifies as a health expert despite his self-interest, then the studies of self-interested businesses deserve at least as much media attention. The insurer WellPoint has built a very detailed and rigorous model on the likely impact of ObamaCare, using its own actuarial data in regional markets, and found that insurance costs will spike across the board. The White House trashed it, and the press corps ignored it.

This is a double standard that has corroded much of the coverage of ObamaCare, with journalists treating government claims as oracular but business arguments as self-serving. We’ll bet Messrs. Orszag and Brownstein that WellPoint’s analysis will more closely reflect the coming insurance reality than the fruits of Mr. Gruber’s government paycheck.

via Jonathan Gruber and His Health-Care Ties to the Obama Administration –

Some people actually believe that politicians aren’t self-serving, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Journalists seem especially gullible, buying the Obamacare story the same way that bought the story  of WMDs in Iraq.


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