Health Reform Timeline

It may be premature to do this analysis, but the folks at The Heritage Foundation have done a detailed analysis of the Senate Bill and constructed a timeline for all the changes (which stretch out for years). The overview is a little biased, so it’s worth downloading the PDF to see for yourself.

What happens first? Several changes occur immediately upon enactment. They include prohibition of insurance denial for pre-existing conditions and a tax on prescription drugs. In other words, pharmaceuticals will get more expensive for everyone and the self-employed will spend more for health insurance or else be forced to drop their existing coverage.

Next up (July 1) is a tax on tanning services, followed by a big decrease in Medicare reimbursements. Medical practices, which generally limit the number of Medicare patients they see in order to remain solvent, will be forced to further restrict services for Medicare patients. Oh, there are also new restrictions on group coverage which will make employer provided insurance more expensive. This will mean smaller paychecks.

My my: something for everyone. Not a single person will get any new health care benefits, but many will get less. Most people will also get some combination of higher expenses and smaller paychecks.

If you like this change, just wait until 2011, where everything gets seriously worse. Unless, of course, the Republicans sweep Congress and can repeal this turkey.


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