Consultants and Czars

Governments routinely hire “consultants,” under a variety of titles, to add a layer of bureaucracy while simultaneously claiming such moves will improve function. The most noteworthy recent examples are the various “czars” created by the Obama regime. Despite the despotic title, these individuals are little more than consultants who “advise” the president and provide a patsy who can be blamed if things don’t go as planned. Adding consultants provide a simple, yet costly method of ensuring the individuals at the top of the hierarchy are never held accountable.

Consider the post-9/11 “reorganization” of various failed bureaucracies into a larger bureaucracy, the Department of Homeland Security, or the creation of a “Director of National Intelligence” to supervise the existing “Director of Central Intelligence.”

Even at the local level, elected officials barricade themselves behind a moat of consultants and make-work positions. Just yesterday here in Charlottesville, the incumbent Democratic mayor called for the “establishment of an Office of Neighborhood Advocate” who would “work with residents in our neighborhoods to help them navigate city hall.” Because the elected mayor and city council – and the existing score of department heads under their control – can’t also be responsible for working directly with residents. Nor, apparently, does the mayor feel any obligation to reduce the size and complexity of city government to make things easier for residents. Why do any actual work yourself when you can hire a consultant to pretend to address the problem for you?

via Hail to the Consultants! Hail Bureaucracy! – S.M. Oliva – Mises Economics Blog.

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