Obama at the UN

Today, that potential was fully on display before the assembled thugs and hypocrites that make up the U.N. General Assembly. At the risk of offending my own prejudice against categorical assertions of “worst president” status, I will venture that no American president, and probably no world leader, has ever poured more nonsense into one speech.

via Power Line – Obama’s sophomorically utopian oration.

The referenced criticism of President Obama’s speech at the UN is quite harsh. I have no idea whether it what the worst speech ever by a world leader – that seems like a pretty high bar. But the critique reminds me of some important points that it pays to remember when contemplating “international relations”.

  • Many governments are run by thugs who have seized power by force and do not in any way represent the “will of the people”.
  • Even the most “legitimate governments” created by elections are, at best, speaking for an ill-informed electorate who decided upon it’s national leadership at some point in the past.
  • Governments that exist due to seizing power by force have few reservations about extending their power by force, and not just within their national borders. Even more legitimate elected governments have this temptation.
  • Alliances between governments may benefit those governed, but they certainly benefit those governing.
  • The most trustworthy governments are those that have legal and loud organized political opposition.

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