Who Pays for Equality in Health Care?

The push for universal coverage is based on the appealing premise that everyone should have access to the best health care possible whenever they need it. That soft-hearted aspiration, however, runs into the hardheaded reality that state-of-the-art health care is increasingly expensive. At some point, someone in the system has to say there are some things we will not pay for. The big question is, who? The government? Insurance companies? Or consumers themselves? And should the answer necessarily be the same for everyone?

via Economic View – Who Will Determine Who Pays for Equality in Health Care? – NYTimes.com.

It’s easy to understand why politicians dislike economists so much. Mankiw does a masterful job of drilling down to the core of the problem in an understandable way. I’ll add this: were we to somehow achieve equality in health care, we would create greater inequality in other areas of society.


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