Amateur Economics

After thinking through an issue, I like to have a short list of key points that jog my memory. You might call it a “cheat sheet”, but my “cheat sheets” have sometimes turned into (boring) Powerpoint presentations. Imagine my delight in finding this short list of points that describe the important ideas in economics. It’s a splendid effort and I am now obliged to an unknown benefactor. I found this list by linking from here, which is a different attempt at a similar thing. One commenter noted that the Internet is taking us back to the golden age of amateur economics. That’s a good point, but I would broaden it. With the Web, and the ability to search, index, sort, store, and retrieve, we may be returning to the golden age of the Enlightenment, where it really was possible for someone to be knowledgeable about most everything, at least at a conceptual level. The optimist in me believes that this will, over time, raise the level of discourse and lower the level of discord.


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