Crackpot Economics

Americans are streaming back into auto showrooms, and one reason is the “cash for clunkers” subsidy. Democrats are naturally claiming this is a great success, while Republicans are claiming that because the program has run out of clunker cash so quickly, this proves government can’t run the health-care system. How do we elect these people? What the clunker policy really proves is that Americans aren’t stupid and will let some other taxpayer buy them a free lunch if given the chance.

via Cash For Clunker Policy Is Crackpot Economics –

As the Journal points out, the real Clunkers are in Congress. This is Crackpot Economics at it’s worst. Simply moving money from one group to another doesn’t accomplish much unless the recipients are in great need of public charity. This is more like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. How do we elect these people?


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