Jeffersonian or Hamiltonian?

Our Constitution was forged as a compromise between the Jefferson and Hamilton forces, with James Madison acting as the eternal tightrope-walker and fence-straddler between the two camps. The trappings, the rhetoric, the specific issues have changed, but the fundamental cleavage remains, unresolved, on the American scene.

via Jeffersonian or Hamiltonian? – Murray N. Rothbard – Mises Institute.

A slightly different take on the old old conflict is worth a read.


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  1. Posted by Richard on June 30, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Each of the founding fathers is remembered because of their voice. We hear Hamilton, Jefferson and Adams arguing and compromising in many of the documents. In the end, conservatism always wins over liberality because there is one conservative viewpoint and there are a thousand liberal ones.


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