Who Decides?

There sure is a lot of blogging underway regarding healthcare.

Don Boudreaux makes some good points and then makes a key point:

Does anyone seriously suppose that decisions by government bureaucrats over who will get, and who will be denied, some expensive lifesaving procedure would be better than having such decisions made according to each patient’s willingness and ability to pay?

In either case, some people will be denied care. I’d prefer that the impersonal forces of the market direct such decisions than to have them made by bureaucrats. Each of us, at the end of the day, has more control over the size of our bank accounts than we have over politically influenced bureaucrats.

If you think such decisions about who does and does not get care, and who lives and dies, are far-fetched, you might want to read this. There is a lot of emphasis on reducing the cost of healthcare. The most straightforward ways are to deny treatment or defer treatment (in hopes that you either get better on your own or die). We should all hope that when the politicians are done with “healthcare reform”, we still have the option of spending our own money for treatments that would otherwise be denied.


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