Some of the best short commentary on the Web is embedded in comments. Some bloggers attract better comments than others. Here are some I enjoyed from a recent Arnold Kling post:

Regarding government white papers and the like:

what one could have predicted about any report written by political leaders:

1. No real blame would fall on the politicians
2. It was just a matter of who (outside of the relevant regulators or agencies) would be blamed.
3. The conclusions would center on “more power to the government”
4. The agencies that failed the worst would end up with the greatest increases in power and money.

Regarding the financial crisis:

If risk were so easy to calculate and control [that] a regulator could do it, we wouldn’t be in this pickle in the first place.

Our unique form of government:

The federal government is by design (in order to prevent tyranny) very inefficient and every decision and directive is is resisted by near half the government.

Regarding government behavior:

We have reached the point in [__________________] policy where government is like the ten-year-old boy who starts fires so that he can be lauded as a hero for helping to put them out.


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