Tradeoffs and Free Lunchs

Robert Reich has posted some thoughts that deserve comment. He correctly notes that public health care options could impact corporate profits. But then he goes into a rant about corporate profits – it’s the familiar charge of “greedy corporations”. Whoa! Let’s remember the basics: corporations aren’t people! It’s the owners of corporations who benefit from corporate profits. It’s the owners of some corporations who will be harmed by some public health care options. And who are these owners? The owners are largely pension funds, 401Ks, and independent retirement plans. That’s the real issue: some public health options will damage people’s retirement prospects. It annoys me that some people pretend there are no tradeoffs. We should all realize that there are no free lunchs in this world. I’ll refrain (at least in this posting) from offering an opinion about the proper degree of the tradeoff, but any honest discussion of the situation should examine the merits of reducing American’s retirement security in order to have easier access to health care.


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