Some economists are starting to get alarmed about Obama’s health care approach – and with good reasons. One of the reasons is the belief that the President is deliberately lying about the numbers. I doubt that.

You don’t have to understand the economics to have misgivings. The last big wave of government activism was with housing. Numerous programs were implemented to put Everyman in a home. Billions were spent. President Bush spoke of an “ownership society”. The result was what we see now – massive foreclosures, a complete halt in home building, credit ratings ruined, and families thrown into the street. Having shown such great success with housing, some think it’s time for government to tackle health care. Only the blindly optimistic could ignore the probable outcome.

This is why I doubt that Obama is lying. No President would want his legacy to be the destruction of the American health care system. Maybe I’m overly charitable, but I think Obama really believes the nonsense he is saying. Given his performance so far, the destruction of our health care system could be the high point of his term. I really hope I’m wrong.


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