Ever since Google announced that they were stopping development of Google Notebook, I have been searching for an alternative. Although there are many Web services promoted as substitutes, none fit all my needs. What were those guys at Google thinking? Maybe, I thought, that was the key – what did Google see as the alternative? So I went back and read the original discontinuation notice.

Google’s thinking seems to be that you don’t need a notebook if you have robust search capability. To this end, they have added SearchWiki capability to Google’s search. Call me skeptical – but not as skeptical as I might have been in the past. Google pushed the same idea in Gmail: you don’t need folders if you have a strong search. I was very skeptical of that too, but I’ve come around and I don’t miss folders at all in Gmail. Given that the boys and girls at Google are pretty smart, and that a similarly bizarre idea worked so well in Gmail, I’m going to make an honest effort to follow Google’s recommendation.

I’ll keep you posted.


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