Male Dominance Hierarchies

Hierarchy, order, control, domination.

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At the risk of being labeld a radical feminist, I have to mostly agree with Arnold Kling’s comments on male dominance hierachies. Any worldview that doesn’t allow for this aspect of humanity is fundamentally flawed. Male dominance hierarchy is wired in to our species – there’s no point lamenting it or wishing it wasn’t so. We have to allow for it and channel it. Like Kling, I’d prefer to see the battles for domination occur in business competition, since that also benefits me. Unfortunately, recent government policy has been to discourage competition by making it ever harder for new young companies to challenge the old guard.

Politicians are no less susceptible to male domination hierarchies than anyone else. This is more than pointless chest thumping – politicians want to rise in the hierarchy and are always at risk of doing favors for those who can help them do so.

And, to keep myself from being classified as a radical feminist, I must point out that women are no less vulnerable to the lure of the dominance hierarchy. You can probably think of a few examples yourself. If not, read a newspaper. Women might be less prone due to biology, but I suspect they’ve just had less opportunity.


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