Not At The Opera

I’ve tried using the Opera Web browser. It has a lot to recommend it. I particularly like it’s approach to keyboard shortcuts, which I use extensively. Alas, not all Web sites work well with Opera. Some don’t work at all. This forced me to constantly switch between Opera and Firefox. This meant two sets of keyboard shortcuts – actually four, because I was using both browsers on both Macs and PCs. It was more than my poor old brain could handle, so I’ve abandoned my use of Opera and returned to the workhorse Firefox.

Opera has some dandy features besides keyboard shortcuts. Built-in torrent handling is neat, but I have little use for it. The “Notes” feature is very handy, but it’s quirky and buggy when mutltiple instances of Opera are sharing the same notes.

For all the problems, I couldn’t help but like Opera, but it’s not right for me. It might be right for you.


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