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The general thinking (to the extent people have thought about it at all) about the gold standard for money is that it is a theory held be cranks and other marginal characters. After all, the world has worked pretty well with paper money. Or maybe not. The arguments for a gold standard are pretty straightforward. Of course, there are arguments against it as well. To support the gold standard, you need to have convincing counter arguments to the anti-gold arguments. You can find the here. (There is also a good argument within as to why bankruptcy is a good thing).

Despite the strength of the arguments, we are unlikely to change until our paper money situation resembles Zimbabwe.


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  1. You or anyone reading, as a citizen have a choice. There are today a half dozen private digital gold currencies that act as an easy way to store and transfer funds. It’s just as easy and safe to place your hard earned value into a digital gold account, as it is to by a zero yielding CD at your local bank. You can make that choice as 6 states are now proposing. Use sound money in your daily personal life. Don’t wait for government to change, they won’t. Your comment is exactly correct, paper money works, but to a certain point. I believe we are rapidly approaching that tipping point where it no longer will work, so be the change you want to see, use digital gold, buy some silver dollars and stop complaining that government won’t change things, the tools are here now, just use them. Here is the best video I know which describes in detail the problems associated with the U.S. Dollar and the Debt level.
    View Mr. Parks Testimony.

    There are also community currency solutions.

    Mark Herpel
    Skype IM ‘digitalcurrency’


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