Interesting Economics

There’s lots of interesting economics to read today:
Out Of Control – Megan McArdle
In times like this, it’s easy to believe that if you laid all the economists in the world end to end, they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion.  But here’s one of the things that basically everyone, left to right, agrees on:  rent control is the surest way to destroy a city’s housing stock short of aerial bombing, and one of the major culprits behind New York’s painfully low vacancy rate.  Rent control allows some people to stay in artificially cheap apartments, but only by forcing the people who would have rented them into some other, less desirable place.

You Cannot Be Serious! – The Everyday Economist

The debate over stimulus has no progressed to the point at which certain individuals are now claiming that wasteful government spending is stimulus.

Fed Up – Thomas E. Woods

Then there are the problems that stem from artificial money creation. Not only do people on fixed incomes suffer from the rising prices that increases in the money supply bring about, but the process of money creation inevitably enriches politically well-connected groups at the expense of everyone else. The powerful are in a position to receive the newly created money first and spend it before prices have commensurately risen.

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