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Triumph of Will – Megan McCardle

But if the Republican Party disappeared, the Democrats would be no closer to their goals, because the Republican Party represents real interests that would continue to exist, and would elect other people who would also oppose the bill.  And at the point when you’re fantasizing about the mass disappearance of a large number of voters, I’d suggest that your political philosophy needs a rethink.  And if the stimulus package were really as 100% guaranteed to make America better off as its proponents claim, you can bet that sensible Republicans would be falling all over themselves to get on board.

‘Too Old’ for Hip Surgery- Nadeem Esmall

The experiences of these Canadians — along with the untold stories of the 750,794 citizens waiting a median of 17.3 weeks from mandatory general-practitioner referrals to treatment in 2008 — show how miserable things can get when government is put in charge of managing health insurance.

The Stimulus Will Fail – The Everyday Economist

As I have previously noted, there are two questions that seem to be at the center of the debate:

1. Can a stimulus package be designed to give a boost to the economy in the short-run?

2. Can the stimulus package get us out of the recession?

Under the current circumstances, with unemployment approaching 8%, the answer to (1) is undoubtedly “yes.” HOWEVER, this does not imply that (2) can similarly be answered in the affirmative as many stimulus advocates would have you believe. Unfortunately, the debate regarding stimulus has diverged to the point in which those on each side are answering different questions and ultimately giving the impression that there is widespread disagreement as to the effectiveness of fiscal stimulus. Thus, this post is my attempt to explain why the answer to (1) is “yes” and the answer to (2) is “no.”

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