In looking at alternatives due to the future demise of Google Notebook, I stumbled upon This is a pretty cool concept, but it is decidedly different from Google Notebook and Zoho Notebook. The folks at Evernote tout it as an “external brain”, which is a good way to describe it. I’ve played with using it a little, and I like what I see. Depending upon what you’re trying to do, it may or may not be a good substitute for the Google or Zoho product, but for personal organizing, it’s pretty neat. It exists as a Web application, a desktop version, and a smart phone application, all of which synch with each other. You dump in whatever you want to remember in a variety of ways, including text entry, camera snapshots, Web clipping and e-mailing. Evernote even claims text recognition for photo snapshots! This means you can input hand printed notes and stuff you get on paper and integrate them into your mostly digital collection of stuff.

One very appealing aspect of Evernote is the speed and flexibility of the desktop version. What? This from a guy who keeps everything online? Yes – the advantage being that Evernote automatically synchs the desktop version with the online version. You get the benefit of “access anywhere” from the online version and the benefit of “faster than snot” of the desktop version.

I’ve just discovered Evernote, so I don’t want to go overboard, but my first impressions are very very favorable. I’m going to work it pretty hard and will be back with my evaluation.


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  1. Posted by zigmasb on January 25, 2009 at 1:53 am

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