I’m Back

There’s nothing like a computer meltdown to liven up your days. I could see trouble coming – my old iMac (PowerPC vintage) began behaving erratically, turning itself off at odd times. Then it wouldn’t let itself be turned on. Power supply issues, I assume. So it was time to upgrade my desktop with a new iMac. Fortunately, I am religious about backing things up, so data loss wasn’t a problem. Still, I had to load and configure all the software for the new Mac – Firefox and all it’s extensions, software for the scanner, NeoOffice, Thoth, iTunes data, and pictures. The new iPhoto is not backward compatible, so the copy I keep on my laptop is obsolete. There’s still a lot of cleanup to do, but at least I’m up and running. The new iMac is, as expected, simply wonderful.

I bought my new iMac at the Apple store in Rosedale. In Rosedale, shoppers were in short supply, but the Apple store was packed. I had to wait for a clerk! It just goes to show that the consumer isn’t dead – just more discriminating!


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