More To Read

I read a lot more interesting stuff than I could ever hope to comment on. Sometimes I find I have nothing or very little to add. Usually I just don’t have the time to write about everything that I otherwise would. I’ve tried different ways of addressing this problem, but nothing has worked well.

Maybe Google has come to the rescue. Google Reader has improved the way it handles things and I see a new option for blogging. I have established a Shared Reader page. Try it! This allows me to note interesting items and share them – sometimes with brief commentary, sometimes without. In kicking this off, I noted interested pieces on such topics as a Dilbert view of management consultants, history professors who are ignorant of history, the economics of the TSA, premonitions of an economic war with China, wage deflation, growing trade barriers, a Megan analysis of various housing “solutions”, the inevitability of rent seeking, the impracticality of stimulus packages, and more.


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