I was getting sick of campaigning and punditry before the election. The campaigning has stopped, but the pundits soldier on. What’s Obama going to do first? What are his priorities? Blah blah blah. It’s all speculation.

What’s not speculation is looking at the numbers. What were the voting patterns in the electio?. Who tipped the scales in Obama’s favor and why? Part of the answer is here. The numbers say that P-E Obama is beholden to middle class and upper middle class white collar workers, professional pragmatists.

What does he need to do to keep those voters behind him? My guess is that Obama won because he simply demonstrated more pragmatism than McCain. Yes, he threw some idealogical bones to the Left, as McCain did to the right, but I believe Obama struck people as being more likely to be pragmatic. I’ll be greatly surprised if he doesn’t govern that way, with a few symbolic gestures for the Left. This is what Bush did, and Clinton before him. It’s a winning formula. Leftists who think Utopia is just a few weeks away will be disappointed, and Conservatives won’t have their worst fears realized. The voters will wait for results. Voters are the most pragmatic of all.


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