Get A Grip

In the 11th hour of a hotly contested campaign, much is being made of Senator Obama’s old statement that his energy policy will cause skyrocketing energy prices. Here is a typical negative reaction. While I happen to agree that Obama has some seriously bad policy ideas, I don’t understand the frenzied level of alarm in some circles.

Let’s remember – this isn’t the last election ever. In two years, the House is up for grabs, as well as a third of the Senate. If Obama hoses up the economy and brings us economic ruin, he will face a Republican Revolution in Congress, as happened with Bill Clinton.

Let’s remember – it takes a long time for a President to staff a new administration. Cabinet posts are filled quickly, but there are a lot of appointed Undersecretaries and a boatload of underlings. They all have opinions and some influence. It will take considerable time to make actual changes on the ground and they won’t all be what the top guy had in mind. Just look at George W’s presidency!

Let’s remember – the Democrats have achieved control of Congress by electing conservative Democrats, most of whom would like to hold on to their jobs. It’s not a given that the bold policy proposals will sail through Congress.

Let’s remember – Barack Obama is a politician. I don’t lose much sleep over politicians actually keeping their promises.


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