Panic Attacks!

I haven’t tackled Global Warming here for a while. I don’t need to because Bjørn Lomborg is doing a great job on his own. The issue, as usual, is the choice between a panicky response which will accomplish little or a sensible response. Guess which way politicians favor! As Jeffrey Taylor wrote, commenting on the financial goings on:

I’m picturing guys with gasoline cans standing around a fire with a plan to put it out using the liquid at hand.

What’s more, you can make a good case that government’s panic is causing the markets to panic!

How should we cope with all the financial stress? Ask Dr. Sanity! My favorite quote:

In the not-so-remote past, Americans tended to view human suffering as the consequence of the imperfections of human nature and the bad choices each of us makes in life. But with the dawn of the therapeutic sensibility, most Americans tend to see suffering — including the financial setbacks we are now experiencing — as some sort of temporary state of being caused by unjust social and economic structures.

Sad but true.


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