Professional Feminism

This article explores the recent outcries against Sarah Palin by “professional feminists”. Here’s a quote:

In this worldview, advocating more federal subsidies for institutional day care is pro-woman; advocating tax breaks or regulatory reform that would help home-based care providers — preferred by most working parents — is not. Trying to legislate away the gender gap in earnings (which no self-respecting economist today blames primarily on discrimination) is feminist. Expanding opportunities for part-time and flexible jobs is “the Republican Party line.”

It does appear that much of what passes for feminism is simply an attempt to make women more dependent on government largess. Of course, there are many politicians who are only too happy to oblige.


One response to this post.

  1. All but two of the feminists’ arguments about Palin are smoke and mirrors. The only two reasons they hate her are that she was a beauty pageant contestant and she’s pro-abortion.


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