Reps and Dems

Long time readers know that I have struggled with defining the difference between “left wing” and “right wing” political thought, with my “final” analysis here. Arnold Kling has taken a different approach, analyzing the differences between Republicans and Democrats. His conclusion is that there is not much difference. Each party indeed throws some bones to their idealists, but they don’t much govern based on ideology. This fits with the Bentley view that politics is mostly about special interests. And, of course, the special interests that matter are those that can raise funds and round up volunteers. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that election campaigns so quickly devolve to cults of personality, exposing “gotcha” gaffes, and vague uplifting rhetoric. So, we’re gonna help the middle class, clean up corruption, achieve energy independence, blah blah blah…..when pigs fly ove the White House.


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