Progressive Creationism

I had somehow overlooked Don Boudreaux’s great 2004 article on social creationism. I have some sympathy for creationists: the concept of biological evolution is hard to get your head around. The time frames and nature of biological evolution are difficult to imagine, so resorting to “there must be a designer and this is His design” is understandable. Understandable, but wrong. Creationists deny that creation is ongoing and show a profound lack of confidence in the Creator.

Similarly, the so-called “progressives” seem to believe that society cannot evolve on it’s own and that a designer (or at least a good engineering team) is required. It’s understandable – the concept of emerging order is difficult to grasp. Understandable, but wrong. The social creationists deny that a better society can emerge on it’s own and show a profund lack of confidence in humanity.


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