Energy Policy – Just Ask Paris!

Daniel Henninger makes some very good points about the difference in energy policy as seen by Democrats and Republicans. There is, indeed, a choice to be made. Everyone seems to want to move in the direction of energy alternatives. The difference is speed and risk. The Democratic view is that we should move at great speed and at great risk to the economy (although they never say the last part). The Republican view is that we should move at a slower pace and with very little risk to the economy.

As a practical matter, moving very quickly isn’t an option, no matter how much anyone wants it. Our energy system and economy are too huge. And damaging the economy isn’t likely either – it’s too resilient. At the end of the day, the path suggested by the Republicans (and Paris Hilton!) is the one we’ll follow. If Senator Obama wins, there may be a few false starts, but we’ll end up in a similar place.


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